How Does Skin Age? The Act of Aging [Infographic]

How and Why Skin Ages - Aging Process Explained
Preventing Aging of Skin
Infographic from JeNu
Aging Skin

As we grow older, our skin ages as part of the natural aging process.  It is perfectly normal, for example, for fine lines to appear at some point.  It is thought that genes play a role in when certain changes - like thinness, dryness and fine lines - in our skin occur.

Aside from the natural aging process and genetics, environment plays a significant role in the health and appearance of our skin.  Our lifestyle choices have an impact on whether or not, and how much, our skin ages prematurely.

Some environmental and lifestyle factors that are considered to influence premature aging including exposure to sun, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet and use of harsh chemicals.

How Does Skin Age?

While we understand that natural aging is normal, and we also are aware what influences and accelerates premature aging, how, why and where aging starts may not be as clear.

Understanding how skin aging actually occurs may help us to make smarter choices in terms of caring for our skin, including selecting skincare products.


This infographic from JeNu illustrates and explains the skin aging process in some detail.  For example, it defines and explains collagen, elastin, sebum and melanin.

It also offers some tips and suggestions on preventing premature aging of skin.

To learn more, please visit JeNu.

To view a larger version of this infographic, please visit The Act of Aging -


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