Dry Skin - Best Home Remedies [Infographic]

Dry Skin - Best Home Remedies and DIY Recipes Using Only Natural
Ingredients - Infographic from Fitneass

Dry Skin Home Remedies

Here is a great infographic entitled Best Home Remedies for Dry Skin that has eight simple DIY at home recipes for softening, improving and healing dry skin on your face, neck, hands and body.

Natural, Chemical-Free Ingredients

All of the ingredients are natural and, thus, are free from potentially harmful and dangerous chemicals and toxins that are usually found in most commercial skincare products - even the ones labelled "natural".

No Animal Testing!

You can feel good about using natural ingredients like papaya, avocado, cucumber, and bananas because they have not been tested on animals.

Common Ingredients

You probably already have most or many of these ingredients in your kitchen or cupboards already.  If not, they are readily available at your local supermarket.

Save Money with DIY Recipes

Another benefit of using natural, fresh ingredients is that they are often much cheaper than commercial skincare and cosmetics.


Infographic source and for more articles, ideas and tips on health, diets, weight loss and beauty, please visit Fitneass - The Causes of Dry Skin and How to Prevent It.


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