5 Basic Skin Types [Infographic]

5 Basic Skin Types and How to Identify and Care for
Your Skin Type - Infographic from SkinCell

Skin Type vs. Skin Concern

Knowing your skin type is essential in terms of caring for your skin and selecting products and procedures to help keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

Skin type is not the same as skin concern. Skin type involves the current qualities of skin whereas skin concern is a problem that can occur on any skin type.  Thus, for example, fine lines and wrinkles are a concern that can occur on dry, sensitive or any other skin type.


This infographic from SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics illustrates and explains factors that determine skin type, how to identify your own skin type, the five basic skin types, and tips for taking care of each basic skin type including cleansing, moisturizing, and selecting skin care products.

To view a large version of this infographic and learn more, please visit 5 Basic Skin Types: Which Type Does Your Skin Belong - SkinCell.


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