Beautiful, Healthy Skin: What is Retinol? [Infographic]

What is Retinol and How It Works to Fight Aging
Infographic from Zo Skin Health
What is Retinol and How it Works to Fight Aging

This infographic from Zo Skin Health briefly explains what retinol is and how it helps to fight and correct damage to aging skin.

Key Infographic Points

⦿ Retinol is pure Vitamin A
⦿ Retinol is a potent antioxidant
⦿ Retinol stimulates cell growth
⦿ Retinol builds collagen
⦿ Retinol protects skin from free radicals
⦿ Retinol repairs damaged skin cells

Source and Article

Infographic source and to read the accompanying article, please visit:

Retinol:  A Short Introduction to the Best Anti-Ageing Ingredients


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Product Reviews

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