30 Best Benefits of Cucumber for Skin, Hair and Health [Article, Chart]

30 Best Health and Beauty
(Skin and Hair) Benefits
of Cucumbers
Article and Chart from

Cucumber Eye Treatment at the Local Spa

We are familiar with the picture of the man or woman relaxing in a spa setting with a face mask and two slices of cucumber over their eyes.

Sliced cucumbers have long been known to reduce eye puffiness due to its ascorbic and caffeic acid properties, which helps to ease water retention.  But the humble cucumber has many other health and beauty uses.

The chart on the left from Style Craze lists 30 best benefits of cucumber for skin, hair and health.

Cucumber Health Benefits

Relieves Constipation
Keeps Your Renal System Healthy
Aids Digestion
Fights Intestinal Worms
Maintains Electrolyte Balance
Reduces Inflammation
Beneficial For Diabetics
Is A Cancer Preventive
Good For Dental Health
Cures Hangover
Good For Treating Blood Pressure Issues
Detoxifies Your Body
Strengthens Bones
Treats Alzheimer’s
Aids In Weight Loss
Benefits To The Nervous System

Cucumber Beauty (Skin and Hair) Benefits

Revitalizes Skin
Reverses Skin Tanning
Controls Puffiness Of The Eyes
Helps Soothe Sunburn
Rejuvenates Skin
Treats Open Pores
Fights Cellulite
Reduces Dark Circles
Treats Blemishes
Reduces Eye Wrinkles
Removing Excess Water
Under Eye Bags
Hair Benefits
Reduces Hair Fall
Gives Shiny Hair


For the full article, including DIY cucumber beauty recipes, nutrition values of cucumbers and a complete explanation of the many benefits, please visit:  32 Best Benefits of Cucumber (Kheera) for Skin, Hair and Health.


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