Essential Oil Beauty Hacks [Infographic]

Essential Oil Beauty Hacks - Infographic from Totally the Bomb
An Ancient Beauty Secret

There are thousands of commercial beauty products on the shelves these days.  The majority of these products contain chemicals and other ingredients that are toxic to our bodies and harmful to our skin, hair and nails.

In contrast, essential oils are a gift from Mother Nature and are free from toxins that can overload the both the internal organs and the skin - the body's largest organ and major detoxification pathway.

Essential oils are the prized ancient beauty secret and have been used by humans for thousands of years in various cultures around the world


This infographic entitled "Essential Oil Beauty Hacks" from Totally the Bomb illustrates and briefly explains how ten essential oils can be used in beauty treatments for the skin, hair and scalp, to address issues like acne, fine lines, and thinning hair.

For example, Geranium Essential Oil is often used as an anti-aging remedy to tighten loose skin, as well as stimulate cell turnover which results in fewer wrinkles.

The ever popular and versatile Lavender Essential Oil not only helps with sleep and headaches, but is thought to help combat hair loss.

Other EO's covered in the infographic are:

⦿ Camomile
⦿ Thyme
⦿ Rosemary
⦿ Peppermint
⦿ Calendula
⦿ Ylang-Ylang
⦿ Yasmine

For more information and other great articles, please visit Essential Oil Beauty Hacks - Totally the Bomb.


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