How to Grow Hair Faster [Infographic]

How to Grow Hair Faster Infographic from Braids by Sarafina
While genetics play a role in the rate of hair growth, many beauty experts believe that you can do certain things to encourage the process.

Certainly, lifestyle choices - including a healthy diet, adequate hydration and sleep, exercise, limiting toxin exposure and stress management, are believed to have a profound effect on the health of hair.

The newly emerging science of epigenetics suggests that our environment effects how are genes express, i.e., our environment has the potential to turn genes on and off.

This infographic entitled "How to Grow Hair Faster" offers and illustrates some hair care and lifestyle tips that have been studied and are thought to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair roots, make hair stronger, prevent damage, and possibly encourage hair growth.

Infographic source and more information and hair care tips:  Braids by Sarafina

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