Aromatherapy Advice Essential Oil Guide [Infographic]

Aromatherapy Advice and Essential Oil Guide from BeYouthfulnet
Essential oils (or aromatic oils) have been used by almost every culture throughout the world for centuries for beauty, health and healing.

In these various cultures, it was thought that the aroma of various oils worked in certain specific ways on the physical body, the mind and emotions.
More recently, scientific studies are confirming some of these traditional beliefs concerning the use of essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy in general.

Certain essential oils are found to have an almost immediate effect on mood and states of various emotions, if used properly.

If you are experiencing anger, anxiety, depression, fear, grief, stress, irritability, or some other negative states of emotion, a particular essential oil can help alleviate that state nearly instantly.

This infographic entitled "Aromatherapy Advice - Essential Oil Guide" beautiful illustrates some states of emotions that we may be experiencing or may desire to experience and lists the essentials oils that are associated with or linked to those emotional states.

Infographic source and for more information and DIY beauty, health, diet and exercise tips, please visit: - Essential Oil Guide

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