DIY Shower & Bath [Infographic]

DIY Shower, Bath, Body and Hair Care - Simple and Easy Recipes
Infographic from EO Tools
One of the best line of defenses against exposure to toxic chemicals found in commercial bath, shower, hair and various beauty and self-care products is to make your own from natural ingredients.

Some of the best known and used natural DIY beauty and hygiene products include jojoba and olive oil, coconut oil and milk, liquid castile soap, and essential oils.

This infographic from EO Tools beautifully illustrates simple recipes for natural body wash, deep hair conditioner, having cream, bubble bath, salt scrub, sugar scrub, bath bombs, coconut milk shampoo and an herbal shampoo.

All of these DIY home beauty recipes are easy to make and require only 3 to 5 ingredients.  Many of the ingredients are used repeatedly in the various skincare, body and hair care recipes.

Infographic and more information: DIY Shower & Bath -

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