Best Foods for Your Skin [Infographic]

Best Foods for Your Skin - Infographic from
Beautiful, glowing skin begins with lifestyle.  What you eat and drink, how much exercise and sleep you get, how often and effectively you detox, and other factors all affect the health and appearance of your skin.

Natural beauty experts advise:  nourish your skin from the inside out!  Aside from drinking adequate amounts of clean, pure water to flush out toxins, eating certain foods can also have a profound effect on how your skin looks.

This infographic entitled 9 Best Foods For Your Skin from illustrates some of the foods that are thought to be highly beneficial to healthy skin.  These include:

❤ Black Oysters
❤ Buckwheat
❤ Cabbage
❤ Chia Seeds
❤ Chocolate
❤ Garlic
❤ Ginger
❤ Green Tea
❤ Turmeric

Infographic source and to find out why and how these nine foods benefit your skin, visit Byrdie - The Suprising Foods That Will Solve All Your Skin Woes.


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