Skincare Basic Facts and History [Infographic]

Skincare - a History + Basic Facts Infographic from
This fabulous infographic contains a timeline of skincare addressing the treatment of pimples and acne from 1500 BC to the present, giving us a peek into some of the beauty regiments and applications that were used during notable periods of history.  For example, it mentions how the ancient Greeks bathed in olive oil and then covered their bodies in fine sand to prevent sunburn and slow down aging.

As we follow the timeline closer to present-day, we see the introduction of various procedures, chemicals and other substances, and therapies to treat acne and other skin problems.  For example, lead-based facial peels, cell salt therapies and blue light therapy.

On the other side of the infographic is an informative summary of some of the basic facts about skin and useful skincare tips, including:

✿ The Components of Skin - What is Skin Made Of?

✿ The Function of Skin - What Does Skin Do?

✿ Skin Facts - Fun Info and Tidbits.

✿ Facial Toning Exercises.

Infographic source:  Tanda - Powerful Beauty

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