Remove Skin Tags Naturally [Infographic]

Remove Skin Tags Naturally [Infographic] from
Most physicians generally advise to leave skin tags untreated if they do not pose or indicate a medical problem and if they are not bothersome.

However, since skin tags are often found on the face, neck, underarms, groin region and under the breasts, they can be unsightly and embarrassing.

Skin tags can be removed at the doctor's office by severing (cutting them off) with a scalpel or scissors or by electrolysis (cauterization).

In addition, there are various home remedies for removing skin tags including tying them off with dental floss, covering them with duct tape, applying specialty creams, nail polish or alcohol or freezing them off as one would freeze off a wart at home.

Some of these foregoing home treatments may be painful, cause scarring, result in infections or other complications.

For a safer and painless home remedy of skin tags, there are three options that utilize natural ingredients and methods as illustrated and explained in this infographic.  These three treatments involve the use of one of these:

✿ Tea Tree Oil
✿ Apple Cider Vinegar
✿ Castor Oil

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