Healing Scars and Stretch Marks Naturally [Infographic]

Natural Remedies for Healing Scars and
Stretch Marks [Infographic]
from PositiveMed.com
Scars and stretch marks are a common beauty problem.  These days, there are many different types of treatments available for scar tissue and stretch marks.  These include surgery, cortisone injections, laser scar revision, pulsed laser therapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and various topical creams.

Many individuals are reluctant to undergo some of these procedures and treatments due to expense, post procedure recovery time and other reasons.

In holistic and alternative medicine circles, certain scars and stretch marks are regarded as being highly treatable using only natural ingredients and remedies.  The effectiveness of these natural healing remedies depends on a number of factors and varies from person to person.

One should also keep in mind that natural remedies are often significantly more gentle and safe but take longer than more invasive treatments and products that rely on new technology and harsh chemicals.

This infographic entitled "Healing Scars Naturally" illustrates and describes the following seven remedies using only natural products and includes "how-to" instructions and recipes:

✿ Aloe Vera
✿ Bentonite Clay
✿ Carrot Juice
✿ Coconut Oil
✿ Hazelnut Oil
✿ Sea Salt Baths
✿ Vitamin E

Other natural remedies regarded as being effective include:

✿ Baking Soda
✿ Cocoa Butter
✿ Gotu Kola
✿ Lavender Oil
✿ Lemon Juice
✿ Mustard Seed Oil
✿ Olive Oil
✿ Rose Hip Oil
✿ Tea Tree Oil

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Infographic source and further information at:  PositiveMed - Healing Scars Naturally

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