Feed Your Skin - DIY Beauty Treatments at Thanksgiving [Infographic]

Feed Your Skin - DIY Beauty Treatments
Infographic from BeautyBridge.com
We see a lot of at-home DIY skin and hair treatments using popular natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, salt, sugar, lemons, ginger, cucumber and a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and oils.

What we don't see as often are beauty treatments utilizing ingredients like potatoes, sweet potato and butternut squash.

This infographic entitled "This Thanksgiving Feed Your Skin with DIY Beauty Treatments" illustrates and provides three intriguing, easy and inexpensive recipes using seasonal autumnal and winter ingredients:

✿ Mashed Potato Mask 
(To de-depuff eyes, get rid of dark circles, even out skin tone and soothe acne)

Butternut Squash Foot Soak
(To exfoliate and repair dry skin)

✿ Sweet Potato Hair Conditioner
(To moisturize, prevent fly-aways and remove product build-up from hair)

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Infographic source, more information and beauty tips and how-to at:
Beauty Bridge
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