Coconut Oil Beauty Recipes [Infographic]

Coconut Oil Beauty Recipes
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A Google search for "coconut oil uses" will return thousands of results.  Due to its many amazing, health promoting properties, it is associated with a long list of both topical (external) and internal uses, including general health and wellness, specific health issues, personal hygiene and beauty, weight loss, cooking and baking, pet care and certain household uses.

As a beauty product, organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil is 100% natural, with no harmful industrial chemicals and other toxic ingredients that are often found in various other beauty and personal care products.

Used alone or combined with other natural ingredients, coconut oil can replace dozens of expensive commercially manufactured personal hygiene, self-care and beauty products.  Thus, making versatile coconut oil the much less expensive and the healthier choice in the long run.

This infographic illustrates five such uses and provides specifics instructions for each use:

✿ Eye make-up remover

 Cuticle treatment

✿ Massage Oil

✿ Deep Hair Conditioner

✿ Lip Moisturizer

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Infographic source, more information and healthy, green and simple living tips:  Little Green Dot - How to Use Your Coconut Oil
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