Argan Oil Health and Beauty Benefits [Infographic]

Argan Oil Health and Beauty Benefits
from Natural Healthy Concepts
Much has been written about the natural healing and beauty uses of coconut and olive oil.   In comparison, culinary and cosmetic argan (aka argon and argane) oil is relatively unknown for its many health benefits and beauty applications.

In fact, argan oil is rich in naturally occurring essential fatty acids, vitamin E, sterols, polyphenols and other compounds that are have a powerful antioxidant effect and are thought to deliver anti-aging, healing and protective health benefits.

Argan oil is being increasingly used in hair, nail, skincare and other cosmetic products and is valued as one of the most effective skin treatments for wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks.  In hair care, it is used to repair damage to hair cell structure, restore luster and promote a healthy scalp.  In massage, it is used therapeutically to relieve aching muscles and stiff joints.

In its culinary form, argan oil is associated with reducing cardiovascular risk factors and to generally contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

This infographic entitled "The Healing Benefits of Argan Oil" illustrates the main substances in the oil and its benefits

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Infographic source and more information at Natural Healthy Concepts/Argan Oil - Nature's Anti-Aging Skin Care and More!

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