14 Herbs for Natural Beauty [Infographic]

14 Herbs for Natural Beauty [Infographic] from
Amazing Herbs and Oils
Commercially mass-produced beauty products from artificial ingredients and chemicals are relatively new in human history.

Prior to that, for many thousands of years, cosmetics, perfumes and many other types of personal care items were made from natural ingredients such as herbs, flowers and various plants.

As the body of modern research into the health and beauty benefits of plants expands, there is a growing trend back toward the use of herbal toiletries and beauty treatments in the cosmetic industry.  Individuals who want to avoid toxins in commercial self-care products are making their own at home - often using very simply and easy DIY recipes.

This excellent infographic illustrates 14 herbs that have a long history of various beauty applications and use as natural skin and hair cleansers, toners, moisturizers, as well as wrinkle and acne treatments.

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Infographic source and more information at Amazing Herbs and Oils/Herbs for Natural Beauty

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