Aromatherapy: Top 10 Essential Oils and Primary Benefits [Infographic]

Aromatherapy Infographic:
Aromatherapy means "treatment" with "scent" and has been used a natural healing remedy to treat many different kinds medical conditions and ailments by various cultures for thousands of years - some claim as many as 6,000 years!

Today, aromatherapy is becoming recognized as an alternative form of medicinal therapy and is widely used by holistic health practitioners to treat everything from depression to digestive problems.

At the center of aromatherapy are essential oils extracted from various plants.  Today, we are seeing more and more "natural" personal hygiene, self-care, pet care and household products coming to the market that contain essential oils - these include cleansers, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners and toothpaste, just to mention a few.

Each essential oil is believed to confer one or more specific health or beauty benefits.  Thus, for example, as this Infographic points out:

✿ Clary Sage is relaxing and used as a sleep aid as well as for relief of pain

✿ Eucalyptus is used for treating respiratory problems

✿ Geranium is a mood booster

✿ Lemon is calming and used to heal wounds

✿ Lavender is relaxing and used in skin care

✿ Peppermint is used in digestive health remedies

✿ Roman Chamomile is used to treat digestive disorders and relieve anxiety

✿ Rosemary is a mental stimulant and used to relieve muscle aches

✿ Tea Tree is an anti-fungal and used to treat a variety of ailments

✿ Ylang Ylang is a mood booster and used to relieve muscle tension

Warning.  Before using essential oils, one should be completely familiar with the properties of each type of oil and observe usage guidelines and cautions.  Some essential oils are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or for people with certain illnesses.  Incorrect usage or prolonged exposure to certain oils may also cause skin, eyes, throat and lung irritation, inflammation or elevated oxidative stress.  Perhaps these cautions underscore the potency of essential oils.  Fortunately, there are many excellent books and online resources on this topic.

Infographic Source and Further Information: - Aromatherapy (Infographic)

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