Flawless, Glowing Skin: 7 At Home Treatments [Infographic]

There are some very good reasons for using natural products in DIY beauty skincare treatments.  The ingredients (such as fruits, vegetables, oils) are:

❤ Generally always readily available in your refrigerator or cupboard

❤ Almost always very fresh (no worries about spoilage or contamination)

❤ Generally free of toxic industrial chemicals (especially if you buy organic)

❤ Not tested on animals

❤ Much cheaper than commercial product formulatios

❤ Easy (usually only requiring slicing, chopping or pureeing)

This infographic entitled "7 At-Home Skin Care Remedies for a Flawless, Glowing Skin (Some You've Not Heard Of)" illustrates and briefly describes some common foods that are beneficial to the skin and that can be eaten, applied topically or both:

✿ Apple Cider Vinegar
✿ Egg Whites
✿ Green Apples
✿ Honey
✿ Olive Oil
✿ Potato Slices
✿ Tomatoes

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Infographic Source and full article:
Urbane Women

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