Infographic: Natural Skin Care Ingredients

Natural Skin Care Ingredients
Infographic from Rainshadow Labs
Potent Cocktails of Chemicals

Most commercial cosmetic and skincare products on the market today are potent cocktails of industrial chemicals.

Toxic Chemicals and Health

As studies continue to link these chemicals to various ailments and chronic health conditions, we are beginning to understand just how harmful these substances may be to our health.

It is becoming a cause of concern when one considers that, in the daily use of these toxic substances, they are being absorbed into our bodies through our skin, our largest organ.

Reducing and Limiting Our Exposure

The good news is that we can greatly reduce and limit or even completely eliminate our exposure to these industrial chemicals by avoiding commercial skincare, and beauty products and making some or all of our own skin care products at home.


Many of the DIY skincare recipes are easy and take only a few minutes using completely natural ingredients, some of which are illustrated in this infographic entitled "Natural Skin Care Ingredients".  Most of these ingredients may already be in your pantry or refrigerator or are readily available at your local markets:

 Aloe Vera
 Avocado Oil
 Coconut Milk (and Coconut Oil)
 Olive Oil
 Vitamin C


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Infographic Source:  Rainshadow Labs

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