Infographic: 12 Amazing Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil has a long history of uses in aromatherapy, herbal medicine remedies and natural beauty treatments, dating back to ancient Greece.

It is thought to have extensive health and wellness benefits with a wide range of applications.  It can be inhaled, applied topically, added to food, drank as a tea and taken as a supplement.  It is a popular oil used in massage and sleep therapy, and in relaxing, soothing baths.

This infographic entitled "12 Amazing Uses for Lavender Essential Oil" illustrates just some of the following uses of this versatile oil and provides simple, easy instructions or recipes for each type of use:

Migraine Headache
Air Freshener
Wounds and Cuts
Hair Growth and Dandruff
Hay Fever
Flavor Enhancer
Bug Bites
Relaxing Food Soak

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Infographic Source:
Beauty Secrets Revealed - Organic Skin Care Blog

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