Infographic: 13 DIY Skin Care Tips @ Home

This infographic entitled "13 DYI Skin Care Tips @ Home" illustrates practical skin care remedies with emphasis on natural ingredients and products including:

✔ Fresh Lemon Juice, to lighten and tighten face

✔ Tea Tree Oil, to heal a pimple quickly

✔ Champagne, to shrink pores, even out skin tone and give skin an antioxidant burst

✔ Sugar, used as a scrub, to prevent pimples and keep skin smooth

✔ Olive, Coconut or Jojoba Oil, for a quick glow when applied to the tops of cheekbones and brow bones

✔ Vitamin C supplements, to prevent early aging and help the body to produce collagen

✔ Leafy greens, eating one cup daily keeps complexion clear and aids with under-eye circles

17 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Infographic Source:  PMD Personal Microderm

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