Infographic: 12 Amazing Natural Beauty Remedies

For a natural beauty products and remedies enthusiast, this infographic really is what its title says:  Amazing!  It depicts 12 natural home (non-commercial) and cost effective solutions to some of the most common beauty ailments, including:

Fine Wrinkles and Crows Feet
Puffy Eyes
Teeth Whitening
Dark Eye Circles
Acne and Scars
Large Pores
Age Spots
Dull Hair

The ingredients listed for each remedy are found in a typical home pantry or refrigerator or are easily obtainable at a local farmer's market or supermarket.  The best thing about all of these remedies is that they are completely natural and their costs are far less than their commercial counterparts which often undesirable chemical additives and have been tested on animals.

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Source:  Picklee:  Fresh Picked Inspiration

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