Alternative to Botox or Dysport: Instant Topical Deep Wrinkle Fillers

Botox and Dysport injections work to significantly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles between brows and on the forehead and the fine lines around the eyes.  The effect generally lasts from 2 to 4 months and costs $300 to $800 per treatment.  If you are not able to get Botox or Dysport injections because of the cost, or if you are terrified of needles, there are some good instant wrinkle fillers on the market these days.

Wrinkle fillers are a more affordable and painless alternative to injections.  Although many promise an overall improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with continued, long-term use, the instant effect of wrinkle fillers is generally very temporary and usually lasts only 4 to 12 hours.  The effectiveness of particular wrinkle fillers and individual results vary from person to person and depend, in part, on the following:
  • The general condition of one's complextion
  • The location, number and depth of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Proper skin preparation (cleansing and exfoliation)
  • Proper application of the wrinkle filler
  • Other skin care products (such as moisturizers) that are used simultaneously
  • The type of foundation (liquid, powder, mineral) that are used simultaneously and their method of application
  • The climate, such as excessive humidity or aridness
  • The level of activity, such as engaging in sports that would cause perspiration
Most instant wrinkle fillers cost between $20 and $60 and can be purchased at significant discount at local or online retailers such as Amazon.  In view of their relative affordability, you can experiment with different products to find the one that is best suitable to you.

  1. Adopt and adhere to a good skincare program.  Topical fillers work best on properly cleansed and exfoliated skin.
  2. Hydrate skin from the inside by drinking plenty of water.  Water helps to plump up skin, requiring less filler.
  3. Get plenty of sleep and rest.  Adequate amounts of sleep naturally minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. 
  4. Fillers do not take the place of moisturizers.  For best results, use a moisturizer that is designed to work with the filler, generally available from the same manufacturer.
  5. Follow the application instructions carefully.  How and in what order (before or after moisturizer) you apply a particular filler makes a big difference in the final result.
  6. Liquid foundations do not work well with some fillers.  If you use a liquid foundation, try applying it with a cosmetic sponge for better results.  
  7. Try using a good quality pressed or loose mineral powder foundation.  If you use pressed powder foundation, apply it with a facial powder brush.
  8. Feed your skin by eating a well-balanced, healthy diet.  Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients improve the general appearance of skin, requiring less foundation, concealers and make-up.

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