Create the Ultimate Home Spa and Retreat

While visiting a day spa is one of the nicest, healthiest and most decadent treats you can give to yourself, most spa treatments are expensive and out of the financial reach of many.  You can, however, create a luxurious spa environment right in your own home very easily and inexpensively. 

Depending on your individual living circumstances, you can set much of this up temporarily or more permanently in your bathroom or in your "retreat" area.  Your personal retreat can be the bedroom, a reading nook, a patio, balcony or lanai.   Here are a few tips:

Lighting with Candles

Dim or turn off the lights and light candles instead, preferably candles that are scented with exotic oils such as Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Plumeria and Lotus or with warming and sensual Honeysuckle or Vanilla.  If you are able to, use the sun ... its light, warmth and energy.

Living Plants

Bring one or more live, blooming plants into the bath or retreat area.  Blooming Bromeliads, Orchids, Lilies, Jasmine, Anthurium, Cacti or Succulents are all wonderful choices.

Herbs, Oils, Salts and Soaps

Decorate the bath and/or the retreat area with pretty vials of essential or fragrance oil.  Add small decorative bowls of sea or bath salts, dried herbs and flowers or small dishes of miniature decorative soaps.

Tea and Water

Have a warm cup of herbal tea (in the evenings) and/or a tall glass of spring or mineral water with fresh lemon slices or infused with fresh herbs such as mint (during the day) ready for you to sip on during your bath soak or restful respite afterward.  A fresh fruit smoothie is nourishing for the body and the soul any time.

Music and Sounds of Nature

Turn on some relaxing meditation, spa or soft, alternative music.  Sounds of nature (ocean waves, trickling streams, chirping birds) are also excellent choices for setting the mood and transporting yourself to a tranquil place.

Towels and Sheets

Before your bath or treatment, put your best and most luxurious towels and/or sheets into the dryer, along with one or two scented dryer sheet.  Time the dryer so that the towels and/or sheets will be warm and ready when you finish your soak or treatment.  Swaddle and cocoon your nude self in the warm towels and/or sheets afterward and retire to your personal retreat for a truly indulgent experience.

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